Nine bar brand focus! 

Hey guys, nice to be back! 😏🍴 So I had the pleasure of attending Taste of Dublin with my fellow foodie friend Sophie and we were lucky to be invited by the Wholefoods Ireland team! 🇮🇪  A particular brand that stood out for me along the stalls - not only because of the super friendly staff... Continue Reading →


Packaged Right: My Top Ready Made Picks No.2

It goes without saying that we all have busy lives these days. So when it comes to preparing meals, sometimes we… well… just would rather not do it. Supermarkets are a godsend to the 21st century in that some of the ready-made meals and products they stock can save us minutes and hours in the kitchen;... Continue Reading →

Pressure King Pro; Taking the Pressure out of Cooking

As somebody with as much as a veggie spiralizer and a few tupperware containers to my name when it comes to owning kitchen gadgets, you could say I was pretty chuffed when my very own pressure cooker came my way recently. Being able to take advantage of all kitchen appliances  in the family home is an... Continue Reading →

Thank You Glenisk, plus a Delalicious Carrot Cake

Hey everybody! I hope you're all in good form and planning to take things nice and easy over the Easter holidays (that's if you're not inundated with work and study like myself). 😛 Recently, I was lucky enough to be featured in the newsletter of one hugely beloved Irish yogurt company  - Glenisk. To have been... Continue Reading →

Crustless Quiche: A French Toast and Fitness Collab

Hi guys, I hope you're all keeping great today! 🙂 One big trigger behind some of the recipes I try out for this blog, is how much they resonate with my past. In this case, I'm remembering the carefree summer days of my youth, the times I'd run around the countryside too excited to think about food,... Continue Reading →

Counter Culture Dublin Review

On a stroll along a cobbled patch of Dublin 2, just off Grafton Street, you may have once or twice come by a historical building called Powerscourt Centre. If that's to ever happen again, here's my advice: enter it and leg it to the second floor.    Gone are the greasy days when McDonalds was... Continue Reading → If baking is something you're sometimes reluctant to do in fear of messing everything up - this recipe is as much for you as it is for me! The freezer is the new oven for these shortbread biscuits, which are built up of two gorgeous polar-opposite consistencies. The biscuit base is a healthy knock-off... Continue Reading →

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