Nine bar brand focus! 

Hey guys, nice to be back! 😏🍴

So I had the pleasure of attending Taste of Dublin with my fellow foodie friend Sophie and we were lucky to be invited by the Wholefoods Ireland team! 🇮🇪 
A particular brand that stood out for me along the stalls – not only because of the super friendly staff or the fun activities they had on display – were the 9 bar brand! 

NINE is a new brand ‘created by a hippy who loved seeds, the way they made him feel who wanted a delicious way to get more into his world.’

NINE offer a tasty range of on-the-go gluten-free snacks, they’re vegetarian and vegan friendly, and their range offers breakfast bars to more indulgent savoury snacks! 

The flavours they offer include the likes of Carob and Hemp Seed, Breakfast Almond and Raspberry, Double Cocoa and Coconut, Pumpkin and Sunflower Seed, and Breakfast Apricot and Strawberry. 🍓 

For those wondering about the benefits they come with; magnesium helps with alertness, fibre powers digestion, copper guides iron around your body, manganese supports bone health, iron fights tiredness, vitamin E powers the immune system and thaiamin ensures we get all the goodness out of our food! 
Be sure to check them out – as far as I know they’re available in Tesco Ireland already! Woo 👅 


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