Counter Culture Dublin Review

On a stroll along a cobbled patch of Dublin 2, just off Grafton Street, you may have once or twice come by a historical building called Powerscourt Centre. If that’s to ever happen again, here’s my advice: enter it and leg it to the second floor.

Gone are the greasy days when McDonalds was my stopover from Galway to Dublin and a veggie filled Sub was my idea of a healthy lunch; I came prepared today as I stepped off the bus and onto a path towards Counter Culture Dublin.


A few years ago, Ronan Ryan and his wife Pamela Flood opened up Counter Culture Dublin. As a cafe offering up varieties of dishes from seared sordfish, to rare sirloin roast beef and rotisserie chicken, it’s also quite the spot for protein shakes and detox juices, where you can also glance down onto a sceneric space that I didn’t think was possible for the indoors. 

According to the website, CCD was partly set up to fill a void left in the paths of Dublin’s clean eaters, be them novice or aficionado. Ronan and Pamela pride themselves in producing ‘high quality, fresh as can be, healthy tasty food.’

My verdict:

My experience there today was quick and easy: I read the menu at the top of the steps, sat down, ordered, took pics of my food, flew to heaven, came back down eventually, paid and left. The staff were also lovely. 

So as soon as I saw a juice with Kale in it I thought, “okay, if I like this, I’ll definitely like everything here,” so I got it. 


Now, I hate kale usually, and unless it’s sugar-coated with honey or something, I’d be disgusted with it. However, this juice was good without being at all sweet – there was this gorgeous coconutty froth on top of the juice as well as a nice distinctive taste of it throughout. Although I could taste the kale, it was toned down to the max. CCD succeeded in painlessly knocking a glass of kale juice into me so hats off to them.

The next part of my lunch happened then and I was on cloud 9 altogether. Never in my life have I had sweetcorn and potato soup, but now I feel an obsession creeping along.  


My signalling of a good quality soup is when I don’t need butter on my bread for extra flavour. Well I can tell you there was a lot of butter to spare this time. Covered with seeds and herbs, this delicious blend was thick, creamy and just what I needed as an afternoon pick me up before I stood into the frosty outdoors.

Counter Culture Dublin, I will be back for the sequel soon and hopefully a reader or two will get in to catch the premier! 

As always,thanks for reading guys! If you like what you’ve seen today, you might head over to my Facebook or Instagram pages to keep up to date or drop your email into the subs box below. 🙂 

For now,

Happy healthy eating,

Ryan. 🙂


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